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Published by: Randy Ottmann on 23-Feb-13
Create + Publish Quality Content in Seconds!

We all know that content FUELS the internet, however creating high-quality content is extremely time-consuming...

Which is why leading content sites like, and are utilizing a strategy called Content Curation.

CurationSoft is the leading curation software that allows you to scour the web, aggregating relevant, high-quality content that search engines LOVE!

Curate Content from Multiple Sources (and adding more...)

- Google Blog Search (popular blogs) - Blekko Blog Search - Blekko News - Twitter (status updates) - YouTube (video) - Google News (mainstream news) - Flickr (images) - Wikipedia (wiki content)

Watch CurationSoft in Action:

Easily discover, review and curate content with drag + drop speed and simplicity.

There have already been over 63k posts curated by the over 6500+ existing members.

Going on right now...

CurationSoft 2.0 is launching at an unbelievable discount!

Go Now + Lock in this UNREAL Price:


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