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Blog Home > Internet Marketing 
Published by: Randy Ottmann 30-Jan-14
Internet Marketing is Work


Yes that very scary word, Work!. As that age old fraise states
most people miss the opportunity because it's dressed in coveralls
and looks like work.
People are lazy by nature looking for that magical button they can
push and money flows into their pockets faster than they can spend it.
Well the truth is there is no magic button, rewards and wealth
come from putting forth an effort, swimmers have move their arms
and legs, construction workers have to lift heavy objects, dig holes,
swing hammers, cooks have to mix the ingredients and bake or cook
their mix to enjoy that soup or cake and Internet Marketers have
to Market!
There are many different ways to market, you tell your neighbour,
send out flyers, Facebook, Twitter, Safelists and Traffic exchanges to
mention a few.
Email marketing is very effective but most people fail at it because
they think they can fill in their name and email address and the list
owner will do the marketing for them. Hell 50% of the people that
join safelists can't even put forth the effort to confirm their email.
Internet marketing can be very rewarding if you put forth some
effort. Send out tweets, post on facebook, put your opportunity
in traffic exchanges and send out emails in safelists.
Most traffic exchanges and safelist give free advertising for joining
to get you started, but you have to place the ads or nobody will
see your opportunity.
A successful internet marketing strategy is not hard to put together,
an Internet Marketer can gather plenty of helpful advice on the subject
without spending any money.
So put forth some effort in promoting your opportunity and enjoy
the rewards you receive from allowing people to see what you
have to offer.
People have to see what you have to sell them in order to make the
decision to buy it.
Randy Ottmann

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